Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time To Face The Change

I've decided to change some things on this blog.  When I started this blog, I thought it would be great to comment on every book I read and have this huge book blog project going along with it.  I planned to write, write, write about books.

Because I read a lot, and I mean a lot of books, I did not take into account how much time I would need to actually blog intelligently about them.  I've been reading a lot of book blogs and seeing what's out there made me hungry to contribute to the book blog community, but I also wanted to do my own thing and not copy other people's ideas of book blogs.

Commenting about every book I read got tedious and I found I just didn't have time to keep up.  So that's why the blog has been lagging the last couple of months.

I decided to take some time and think about whether I wanted to keep this blog or not.

I want to keep this blog going but will be changing it up a bit.

I am not planning on blogging or listing every book I read.  You can go to my GoodReads page and friend me if you want to keep up with that information.

I am hoping to sit down and blog more in depth about books I particularly like or subjects on reading, books and blogging.

Change can be excellent!

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